Nandi 18”

SKU Code: SPN-18-6

Size: 18
Sale priceRs. 30,000


Item code: - SPN-18-6

Rs: 30000/-

Height including Base: 12”Inc (30cms)

Width: 18”Inc (45 cms)

Depth: 7”Inc (17cms)

Weight: 21 kg (46 pounds)


  • Nandi material is Rajasthan Black marble.
  • Nandiis the sacred bull calf, Principal Secretary of shiva, and vehicle (vahana) of the god ShivaShaivite temples have the figure of a humped bull reclining on a raised platform and facing the entrance door of the shrine so that he may perpetually gaze on the god. He is sitting very active, full of alertness and life, but no expectation or anticipation. Nandi is main head of all gan (Sevak Team) of shiv ji. Nandi is always present where god shiv ji is present in kailash.
  1. Nandi is hand carved from one piece of Black marble.

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