God Statues – Marble handicraft murtis

Marble God Idols

One of our best offerings is the marble God statues that we supply. The statues of revered deities are kept in a pooja room or in the living area, where they can bless the home. The marble god idols for pooja room are exquisitely designed and handcrafted by expert artisans to perfection. These marble idols will literally bring lustre into your home. You can also place these marble idols in offices and commercial establishments, where you need the Lord’s blessings. Each one of our marble idols is curiously handcrafted over a good span of time. We believe in quality, not quantity, same is depicted in each one of our designs. Our category is descriptively divided into a vast canopy of Marble idols, stone handicrafts, god idols, animal statues, and furniture. With much more options and faster delivery, we are better than your local Puja market, here is a way to get marble murti online and on your doorsteps.

The best marble idols

We offer the best marble idols made from top quality marble. Some of our idols like that of Lord Shanidev and Jain Statues are made from black marble, for the rest we use white marble. We prefer to use marble for the statues we make, thanks to its excellent qualities. The marble stones are sourced from the best vendors and are smooth and have a shining effect. Our craftsmen set to work on it to create the best statues for you. The smooth finish and perfect carving ensure the statue is of premium quality.

Hindu God Statues for you to worship

We offer marble statues of the most revered and worshipped Hindu Gods. The statues that are most popular are:

  • Lord Ganesha: This is the statue of the God Vigneshwara – remover of obstacles. Hindus first worship Lord Ganapathi as he removes obstacles and blessed for all our endeavors.
  • Radha Krishna: Lord Krishna is one of the most revered Gods. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is worshipped with Radha as the divine couple who symbolize purity and love. The statue of Radha Krishna is worshipped for their blessings.
  • Lord Buddha: Buddha is revered by Hindus and Buddhists. The teachings of ahimsa and the right way is followed by millions of Indians, which is why Buddha statues are kept at homes and offices.

We also have statues of other Gods like Dattatrey, Hanuman, Laxmi Narayan, Shreenathji, Swami Narayan, Sai Baba, Charan Paduka, and others.

Buying marble God statues online

You can marble murti buy online from our website. These statues would stand out wherever they are kept and creates a feeling of bliss. You can select the status of your choice and add them to the shopping cart. The marble statues prices are highly competitive and are displayed on the website. Once you select the idols, you can check out and pay online. We will deliver the statues in the best packing to your house.