Cow & Calf 22”

SKU Code: CC-15

Size: 22"
Sale priceRs. 125,000


Item code: - CC-15

Height including Base: 22”inc ( 55 cms)

Width: 27”Inc (68 cms)

Depth: 14”Inc (35 cms)

Weight: 100 kg (220 pounds)


  1. Cow & Calf material is Rajasthan White Marble.
  2. Cow & Calf decorated with goil foil, color, Rhinestone & Embossing work.
  3. Cow idol along with its calf is the symbol of prosperity and vatsalya (love that a mother feels for a child).it can be placed in the room of children and guests. With the impact of it children become obedient and it is highly auspicious for enhancing the good luck of your house.
  4. Cow & Calf is hand-carved from one piece of white marble.

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