Shrinathji 15”

SKU Code: SNB-15-3

Size: 15"
Sale priceRs. 25,000


Item code: - SNB-15-3

Height including Base: 15”Inc (38 cms)

Width: 10”Inc (25 cms)

Depth: 3”Inc (7cms)

Weight: 7 kg (15 pounds)


  • Shreenath Ji material is Rajasthan Black marble.
  • Shreenath Ji is in manglaswaroop. The Mangla means auspiciousness of begging the day with a glimpse of the lord.
  • In Mangala, Swarup Shrinathji is always scarcely clothed and stands in a dark damp cave. His left hand is raised upwards. Both his feet are straight and touch the ground. His hair is tied up in a top-knot. He wears a Mala on his neck.
  • A holy Icon Cave is carved in Bas-relief out of black marble with an image of a yogi, an elephant, a parrot, snake, cow, a bull & a peacock.
  • Shreenath Ji is hand carved from one piece of black marble.

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