Living rooms are often the centerpiece of any home. They should be inviting, aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful in how it reflects the homeowner’s tastes and values. What better way to inject personality and style into a living room than with a beautiful Marble God Statue in Udaipur from Gaj Arts? Here are 7 ideas to personalize and style marble god statues to create a memorable space in any living room. 

7 Ideas to Style Your Marble God Statue

These are just a few ideas to help you style your marble god statue from Gaj Arts in Udaipur and make a statement in your living room. With the right combination of wall art, furniture and accessories, you can give your living room a one-of-a-kind look that is stylish and modern. Start experimenting and find the right look to make your living room shine!

I. Light Up the Space

When it comes to decorating your living room, the lighting is an essential component that can transform the entire space. A marble god statue from us in Udaipur is sure to make a statement, so consider highlighting its unique beauty with a low-level light. If space permits, consider having two lamps in the room — one to light up the statue and another to spread a gentle glow across the rest of the room. This will add to the ambience and make the space look more inviting. 

II. Accessorizing the Statue

The next step in styling your marble god statue from us is accessorizing. Sweeping around a statues’ base can make for a stunning focal point in any room. For instance, placing a piece of decorative fabric or draping long strands of pearls around its base will add more personality and elegance to the space. Moreover, you could also add foliage to bring in nature, like some carefully placed ferns or flowers. 

III. Choosing the Right Outfit

Adding some color to a living room is always a smart idea. To liven up the space and make it more eye-catching, you can dress up your marble god statue from us with some vibrant garments. Make sure to select pieces that match the décor and design of the room. If you’re planning to add bold prints, choose those that don’t overly overpower the rest of the furniture. For example, if the room is primarily blue and white, you could opt for an eye-catching yellow or green embroidered sari to give the statue a really unique touch. 

IV. Adding In an Adventure

Make the space a bit more wondrous and whimsical by adding a few adventure elements. If there’s a large wall to work with, consider recreating a grand mural that depicts your marble god statue from us as part of an exciting journey. Think of locating the pieces in a boat, hot air balloon, or a giant bird to make the statue stand out even more. You can even hire an artist to get your ideas and visions onto the wall if you don’t think you have the painting skills! 

V. Incorporate the Statue into a Seating Area

The next suggestion is to weave the marble god statue from us into a seating area. If you’ve got a large sofa, sectional, or loveseat, why not place the statue in between two sofas in an inviting position? Doing so can add a lot of depth and give the room a real image-focus. You may also consider placing the statue next to a lounge chair or sofa for a different look.

VI. Making it a Focal Point

Your marble god statue from us deserves to be given pride of place within the living room — make it the focal point of the room. To amp up your design, consider using a coffee table, centerpiece, or entertainment center to draw attention to the sculpture. With the right accessories, you can easily create a modern and polished look that will have your guests amazed.  

VII. Consider the Color Scheme

When you’re styling a room, the architecture and color used are just as important as the furniture it contains. Consider the overall tone of the room when selecting a color scheme. For instance, if you’d like to make the marble god statue from Gaj Arts appear even more grand and impressive, go for a contrasting color scheme like white and gold. This way, it will stand out and be a memorable aspect to the decoration of your living room.


A marble god statue from Gaj Arts adds an element of uniqueness and refinement to any living room. As demonstrated, styling a marble god statue can be done in a variety of ways, from incorporating it into a seating area to making it the focal point of the room. Armed with these 7 ideas to style a marble god statue in your living room, you are sure to have your home looking fabulous in no time!

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