Marble Handicraft & Temple for Homes


India is a country acknowledged for its diverse culture and devotion towards Gods. We at Gaj Arts have staunched towards disseminating onto devotees this holy culture in all of the entirety. How do we do it? Our family of more than 100 dedicated craftsmen municipally design marble temples, perfect for your homes. Our store resides in Udaipur, famously known as the city of lakes, found at the heart of Rajasthan. We adapt to the rich history of marble production and design in Udaipur. Continuing the city's tradition, we aim to take our marble temples, idols and marble pooja mandir designs to the homes of every devotee across the globe. In India, we majorly supply our handi craft products in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Chennai.

A mandir is the purest place in a house. Small or big, a strong, beautiful mandir completes a house. The cherry on the top is stone idols of marble handicrafts along with Marble temples. We provide a complete mandir set so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Just visit our website, choose the products and wallah! Custom designed mandir set right at your doorstep. Localities can also choose to visit us at our retail store. So on your next visit to India, do drop by and say hello to us. Considering the large scale influx of travels and explores, our retail outlet serves the visiting customers year-round.

Marble Handicrafts Items

Our efforts are dedicated to providing a natural heartfelt the experience with every marble idol we sell. All our designs are custom made from the best artists and craftsmen Udaipur can offer. In our 15 years of customer service, we have thrived upon creating quality, constantly. By choosing our products you not only select a beautiful design idol or mandir but also help craftsmen of Udaipur shape a better future. Our construction process is simple and pure. We choose only the best of the best raw material in the county. Instead of leaving it all on the machines, we choose to design marble handicrafts slowly but manually. When all is set and done, our idols are then displayed on our website or store for our clients. We extend our services to individuals and to others who want to spread the love and devotion as we do. We are always there to help you set up your idol store.


Marble Pooja Mandir Design for Homes

Let alone our products but why at all should you go for marble idols or stone handicrafts? As oppose to wood or steel, marble mandirs and idols are durable, heavy duty and marvelously beautiful. A mandir in a house is a mark of peace and positivity. Its possession is supposed to bring health, prosperity and overall success in our homes. In India, it is believed that marble mandirs or stone handicrafts are a much purer form of construction as oppose to others. We consider external factors like Vastu Shastra too and you can rest assured that throughout years of service we have just delivered peace and prosperity with every marble mandir or idol.


Our Line of Products

Our services extend to god and goddess idols both marble and stone handicrafts, Animal Statues and marble furniture. Each of our product is meticulously designed and developed considering customer requirements and over 15 years of constant out of the box thinking. Our god idols are customized with alternating size depending upon your specific needs. A large stone Lord Ganpati idol would go perfectly at the entrance of your house or a small sized goddess Saraswati marble idol in your study room. We have something for everyone, even small miniature marble figures, cute and beautiful, for your little ones to pray for before bed. Our lines of marble furniture are also unique in their design. They amplify the overall beauty of your house and bring about a splendid décor. Furniture set with marble pooja mandir, marble idols, and stone handicrafts; your Puja room is ready! We believe in your beliefs and hence have devoted our self in yours and gods service.


After Selecting a Product

Once you put down your favorite product in the cart and click on buy, we start our process of delivering them safe and sound to you. * We delivery your idol for zero shipping fee (conditions) * We also trust our services and experience, if you find a defective product or are not satisfied with the product you receive 90 days of free return time is offered to you. * With easy tracing system, you know where and how is your product.