Looking at a Buddha statue with a serene face, smiling lips, and peaceful gestures at your home will fill your entire day with joy. Buddha statues bring prosperity, success and wealth to the family and let me tell you that Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. The family who places Buddha statues at their home are the happiest as they create positive vibes around their place which keeps them energetic and helps them achieve inner peace. Nowadays the Buddha Marbles are in trend as they are used as a part of the interior or exterior decor at home, offices, shops, boutiques, restaurants, etc. We at Gaj Arts are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Buddha Statues, Marble Buddha Statue in Pune. 

While placing Marble Buddha Statue some points must be taken care of so that it doesn't look like you are disrespectful to the idol. This includes - 

Buddha statues must always be placed on a raised surface higher than other stuff. Keep it in the front direction like when placed in the garden to ensure that it faces towards home. It must always face the East direction. Statue’s face must be inside of the room and not facing the outside. The Laughing Buddha can be placed outside to wipe out negative energy.  

Bedrooms, bathrooms, storerooms, laundry rooms are not the place for Buddha idols. 

There are different postures of famous Buddha statues which have different stories and significance. Let's discuss some of them. 

  • Sleeping buddha

This marble statue featuring Buddha lying on his right side with his head supported by his hand depicts Buddha during his last breath when he attained enlightenment. It signifies eternal knowledge and spreads calm energy which is very necessary for today's hectic life. 

  • Teaching Buddha

This marble statue features Buddha with both hands brought to the chest, with thumb and index fingers forming a ring. The left hand is positioned palm out and the right hand is positioned palm in. This posture signifies wisdom and is recommended to those who are interested in studying. 

  • Buddha's head

This marble statue is famous not only among Buddhists but even non-Buddhists also place Buddha head idols at their home. This represents a young and elegant Buddha that radiates the energy of peace and calmness around you.

  • Meditation Buddha

This posture also known as Serenity Buddha or Calmness Buddha places both the hands in his lap with the face-up and crossed legs. This is the most popular Buddha statue among meditation lovers. This gives immense peace and calmness to our lives. 

  • Earth Touching Buddha

The posture with a right hand positioned towards the ground, left hand in the lap of Buddha and legs crossed depicts the story of Buddha’s life when he called Earth Goddess to witness his enlightenment and how he suffered all the night to overcome fears and temptations sent by demons. Thus this statue gives the energy to stand strong and deep inner security during tough times.

  • Medicine Buddha

In this posture, Buddha is shown by holding a bowl of herbs in his left hand which rests upon his lap symbolizing delivering the knowledge of medicine to the people and his right-hand faces downward with fingers extended toward the ground, palm facing outward toward the viewer giving blessings. The Medicine Buddha is honored by those seeking health.

  • Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is the symbol of Happiness. It is believed that Buddha brings good luck and wealth if one rubs the belly of Buddha and is regarded as God of Luck. 

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