Marble is definitely one of the most precious and commonly used materials when it comes to statues. The transparency, clarity and finish of the marble make it a popular choice among the sculptors. Speaking of it, Marble statue is an art of three-dimensional forms that are made using marble as a base material. Statues are among the oldest forms of art and even before the painting of cave walls, early humans used to fashioned shapes from the stones. It has been that during the Bronze period, marble was highly valued by the sculptors and architects for its beauty and durability. Gaj Arts is one of the leading suppliers of Marble Statue in Ahmedabad offering all its customers a wide range of finest quality Marble Statues that can create a majestic and sophisticated look to their home. 

During the early times and even today, the sculptors and architects are fond of marble because it is simply easy to work with marble and at the same time it is also soft first and with time becomes rigid and dense. This feature makes it a long-lasting material that is also available in a wide range of colours, shades and patterns. Prominent Greek artists used marble for the majority of their statues as well as sculpting works. White marble has been greatly respected for fine art sculpture because of its resistance to shattering. In addition to this, this beautiful stone also allows the light to penetrate into the stone similar to the human skin. Marble statues can be kept anywhere in your home and can create a beautiful and eye-catching interior. Along with this, since the marble is much more fine-grain, it allows the statues to create vivid details. Along with this, in the earlier times, it was believed that certain animals bring good luck, property and money and in many cultures, smaller or the bigger statues of the animals such as elephants, turtles and more became very popular.

People who love some contemporary style could certainly go for the abstract type of statues and in bigger dimensions. A classical-looking marble statue can be a great way to add a twist to the contemporary interior, if you are not into the abstract forms, you can always opt for a small-size statue. Marble Statue in Bangalore can add warmth to your home and people will be intrigued by that piece of art, so it is also a great conversation starter too. You can choose from a wide range of marble statues from our collections. These marble statues have been highly appreciated among all our clients for tiger beauty, durability and other properties. The use of marble has such a great reputation and identity that the superiority of the marble emerged in all European academies until the 20th century. 

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