Gaj Arts specializes in creating Marble bowl in Udaipur. Gaj Arts is famous for making unique and royal artefacts with exquisite workmanship and brings to you a fine collection of marble bowls.


Abundant Local Marble

Located in the central part of Rajasthan, the state famed for its big marble mines, Udaipur is a city filled with marble. The best marble is commonly known as Makrana marble which is famous for its purity and shine. These quarries are quite close making it easy to get the marble and this would mean less on the cost of transportation, making it rather convenient and cheap for artisans in the locality to use. This availability makes sure that marble is still a major component of the local economy as well as craftsmanship.

Historical Significance

Ever since ancient times, the citizens of Udaipur have used marble stone for the construction of buildings and other architectural masterpieces. Architectural marvels like the City Palace, Jag Mandir and the Lake Palace have beautiful carvings of marble. Thus, the history of marble usage has made it an essence of the cultural heritage of Udaipur city. Thus, marble bowls are not only useful items but also items that carry with them a piece of the history of this country, which is why locals and tourists appreciate them so much.

Aesthetic Appeal

Marble can be defined by its elegance which no other material can be compared to. Every marble bowl is different as the pattern and colour of the marble will vary with each piece. This natural artistry also means that each piece is unique and not identical to the other which gives each bowl a personality. Due to the shiny and smooth surface, marble gives a royal look to these bowls and they are highly recommended for decorative use.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Udaipur has many artisans who have spent generations perfecting their skills in their craft. The carving, inlay, and shaping on the marble bowls are finer workmanship that shows the skills of the artists. Such artisans employ time-honoured methods of production that are usually passed down from one generation to the other while also incorporating modern designs that may be acceptable to today’s generation. Thus, the marble bowls from Udaipur are not only practical but are also artistic pieces of craftsmanship.


Marble is a very strong and heavy material that is very hard to scratch or chip if it is taken good care of. Due to this, marble bowls are a long-term investment as they do not wear out easily. While other materials might get spoiled within a certain period, marble remains effective and attractive to the eye to this date. This durability combined with the fact that marble bowls do not go out of fashion makes them an item that can be inherited from one generation to the next.

Cultural Significance

Marble items are used in Udaipur and they are considered as having cultural and religious values. Marble bowls are usually employed in the rites, ceremonies and feasts that are performed in the society. It could also be for offerings, flowers, or other objects of worship. This cultural significance gives a new meaning to the bowls in a way that they are not only useful items in the home but also have cultural significance.

Tourist Attraction

Udaipur famous as the ‘City of Lakes’ pulls in tourists in large numbers every year due to its fabulous architecture, cultural richness and craftsmanship. It is said that one of the things that tourists usually take home is a piece of marble bowl since the tradition of carving marble is one of the most characteristic of Udaipur. These bowls are easy to carry and are also very eye-catching and every tourist buying these bowls can carry a piece of Udaipur with them.