Gaj Arts has evolved into a distinguished name in the marble artistry domain. Our Marble Statue in Udaipur is a junction of creativity, blending tradition with innovation. Our team constitutes seasoned crafters who not only possess remarkable skills but also a deep-rooted passion for sculpting glorious marble statues. We have earned a reputation not just locally but also globally, with our statues decorating prestigious institutions, residences, and art galleries worldwide.

Types of Marble Statues


  • Marble elephants, lions, horses, and more.
  • Lifelike detailing captures the essence and beauty of each animal.
  • Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Gods and Goddesses:

  • Respected gods sculpted in marble: Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Krishna, and others.
  • Signifying spiritual significance and artistic brilliance.
  • Perfect for spiritual shelters or as focal points in homes.


  • Peaceful and calm marble Buddha statues represent peace and enlightenment.
  • Varied designs and postures capture the essence of Buddhist philosophy.
  • Ideal for meditation spaces, yoga studios, or decorative pieces.


  • Beyond statues, we offer a diverse collection of marble handicrafts.
  • Decorative bowls, vases, intricate tabletops, and more.
  • Fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern designs, catering to diverse tastes.


  • Home Décor: Marble statues serve as outstanding elements of interior design, adding elegance and beauty to homes. Whether placed in living rooms, lobbies, or gardens, these statues become focal points, elevating the aesthetic charm of the space.
  • Gardens and Outdoor Spaces: Resilient to weathering, marble statues are well-suited for outdoor environments. They enhance the ambiance of gardens, balconies, and landscaped areas, creating a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere.
  • Spiritual Spaces: Statues depicting gods, goddesses, and Buddha hold deep spiritual significance. They are often placed in temples, meditation rooms, or spiritual shelters, promoting a sense of peace and respect.
  • Gifts and Collectibles: These statues serve as unique and thoughtful gifts due to their artistic craftsmanship. They are cherished as collectibles, symbolizing beauty, spirituality, and cultural heritage.
  • Art Exhibitions and Galleries: Our masterpieces can be showcased in art exhibitions or galleries, attracting art enthusiasts and specialists fascinated by the sophistication and beauty of marble sculptures.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: We boast a legacy of expertise passed down through generations, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation. Each piece is carefully crafted, showcasing the mastery sharpened over years of dedication.
  • Quality Assurance: The hallmark of Gaj Arts lies in uncompromising quality. Every marble statue undergoes strict quality checks, ensuring precision and perfection in every detail. Customers can trust in the durability and lasting beauty of their creations.
  • Customization: Understanding the diverse preferences of their clients, we offer bespoke solutions. Whether it's a classical sculpture or a contemporary design, their artisans bring visions to life with skill and accuracy.
  • Variety of Designs: From classical and traditional designs to modern and contemporary styles, we offer a diverse range of marble statues. Whether it's religious figures, mythological characters, or abstract sculptures, they cater to various tastes and preferences.
  • Global Accessibility: With a seamless shipping and delivery network, we extend our reach worldwide. This accessibility allows art enthusiasts and collectors from across the globe to acquire these beautiful marble sculptures, irrespective of their location.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We place huge value on customer satisfaction. From the initial inquiry to after-sales service, the company ensures a seamless and satisfactory experience for its clients, earning trust and fostering long-term relationships.

In conclusion, Gaj Arts stands as artistic brilliance in Udaipur, offering an extensive collection of marble statues that captivate hearts and elevate spaces. Their commitment to preserving the heritage of marble sculpting, with their dedication to innovation, sets them apart in the realm of artistry. With every piece crafted with precision and passion, we continue to redefine the boundaries of goodness in the world of marble statues.

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