Lord Ganesha is considered as the lord of happiness and good health id one of the most auspicious of all the Indian Deities. In Indian tradition, a lot of emphasis is laid on worshipping Lord Ganesha, especially before any auspicious event or work. In all most every Indian Home, you will notice the statue or the idol of Lord Ganesha been placed. Gaj Arts is the leading Manufacture of the different types of God Statue in Bangalore. Our offered range of statues includes that of Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Radha Krishna, Buddha and more. But are you aware of the placement of the God statue in the right direction in your space? If not, don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss some tips that will help you place your prestigious Lord Ganesha Statue in the right direction according to the Vastu. Do you know when an idol or a statue of the Lord Ganesha is placed in the right direction, it can attract an abundance of wealth, good health and also removes all kinds of obstacles?

  • The Ideal Direction for Ganesha’s Trunk - Every direction of Lord Ganesha’s Trunk indicated a different meaning and effect. The trunk facing on the left side is the most preferred direction for the home as per the Vastu and is believed to bring positive energies in the home. It has been said that the Ganesha with the trunk facing the right side direction is popularly known as Siddhi Vinayak and should be ideally worshipped during some special rituals. Apart from this, if you are planning a place a Lord Ganesha statue at your office, you should always remember to place a standing idol as it has been believed that the standing statue will bring enthusiasm and positive energy to your space.


  • Not Placing The Idol In Bedroom - While placing the Lord Ganesha Statue in your space, one that should be kept in mind is to place it in the right space. It is advanced by many experts to not place the statue of the Lord Ganesha in the bedrooms and in case if anyone wants to keep it in their bedroom, then it should always be paced in the northeast direction as it said that as per the Vastu, your feet should never face the idol. 


  • Choosing the Right Colour of the Idol - As per several Vastu experts, it is recommended to pace a white-colored Lord Ganesha statue at your home in the right direction. As it is believed that the white coloured idol is known for bringing harmony, peace and prosperity to a home. You can easily go for the Lord Ganesha Statue made from white marble to bring success and growth in your life. 

So, these are some of the major tips that you should consider while placing the Lord Ganesha Statue in your space. Apart from these major tips, there are some small details also which should also be kept in mind like whenever you place the statue of Lord Ganesha, you should remember that the mouse and the modak should be part of the statue. This is an integral part of his purpose. The mouse represents the material desire and the Modak represents not getting distracted by pleasure and they are left untouched.

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