Mouse 12”

SKU Code: MOG-12-2

Size: 12"
Sale priceRs. 21,000


Item code: - MOG-12-2

Height including Base: 12”Inc (30cms)

Width: 8”Inc (20cms)

Depth: 7” (17cms)

Weight: 9kg (19 pounds)


  1. Mouse Material is a super white Makrana Marble.
  2. Mouse /Mushakraj is decorated with original gold foil & color.
  3. Mushakraj is in a standing pose with holding a modak.
  4. Mushakraja is vahan or vehicle of Lord Ganesha.  Lord Ganesha seated on the mouse depicts the lord crushing all negativity when a devotee surrenders himself to the lord with full devotion. The mouse can pass through tiny holes and narrow pathways, even in the darkness of night. This gives the quality of all-pervasiveness to Ganesha.
  5. The mouse is usually depicted at Lord Ganesha’s feet. This symbolizes that Lord Ganesha is the ultimate power and under his control and blessings a steady mind would always be bowed down with humbleness.
  6. The mouse is hand carved from one piece of white marble.

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