Hanuman Statue Online

Hanuman, also known as Anjani Putra, Mahaveer, Snakatmochna, and Anjaneya, is one of the main personalities in the Ramayana and is the son of the Hindu God of Wind, Vayu. Hanuman is a Vanara who aided Lord Rama in rescuing Sita from the Rakshasa, King Ravan. He is considered as the great devotee of Vishnu Avatar, Lord Rama and an ultimate hero.

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Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue

Hanuman assumed the five-faced form, known as Panchmukhi to kill a powerful practitioner of dark arts and black magician rakshasa, Ahiravana. The Panchmukhi Hanuman marble murti has been receiving massive appreciation in the market due to its intricate design.

Ashirwad Hanuman

The Hanuman statue in Ashirwad pose made with premium quality marble is another very popular product in our store. The statues are available in various designs, color, and sizes. The Ashirwad Hanuman statue is considered as the most popular and common choice for Hanuman idol for home.

Veer Hanuman

In this statue, the Lord Hanuman is carrying the Dronagiri Mountain, which contained the life-saving herb, Sanjeevani. With this statue, we tried to recreate the emotional moment during the Ramayana, where Laxman was injured and Hanuman went to take Sanjeevani to save him. The statues depict the excellent craftsmanship of the artists.

The entire Hanuman idol online show his powers, purity in spirituality, mental discipline, bravery, and humbleness. Hanuman is known to be the provider of knowledge, hope, devotion, courage, and power.

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