Ashirwad Hanuman 8”

SKU Code: HG-8-2

Size: 8"
Sale priceRs. 25,000


Item code: - HG-8-2

Height including Base: 8”Inc (20  cms)

Width: 6”inc ( 15 cms)

Depth: 3”inc (7 cms)

Weight:2 kg (4 pounds)


  • Hanuman ji material is Super White Makrana Marble.
  • He is decorated with gold foil & Rhinestone.
  • Hanuman ji sitting in Ashirwad mudra & other hand holding Mace (gada). He wears a simple dhoti with his broad and muscular chest covered in a bevy of necklaces.
  • Pawanputra Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is considered to be an exemplification of strength, devotion, and perseverance.
  • Hanuman is the ultimate example in loyalty and servitude, displayed by his devotional relationship with Ram &Sita.
  1. Hanuman ji is hand carved from one piece of white marble.

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