Brahmani Maa 15"

SKU Code: BMG 15-1

Size: 15"
Sale priceRs. 50,000


 Item code: BMG-15- 1

Height including Base: 15”Inc ( 38cms)

Width: 13”inc ( 32cms)

Depth: 6”Inc ( 15cms)

Weight: 16 kg ( 35 pounds)


  1. Brahmani Maa material is super White Makrana Marble.
  2. Brahmani Maa is decorated with Gold Foil & Rhinestone.
  3. In Hinduism, Brahmani (also known as Brahmi and Brahmayi) is a kind and benevolent aspect of Devi, the Divine mother. Brahmani is associated with the Hindu creator god, Brahma as His consort or Shakti (power). She is one of the seven Mother Goddesses called Matrikas. This Beautiful Marble Brahmani statue are carved and painted by high skill craftsman. .

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