Buddha Fountain 18”

SKU Code: BFW 18-1

Size: 18"
Sale priceRs. 38,000


Item code: BFW-18-1

Height including Base: 18”Inc (45 cms)

Width: 14”inc ( 35cms)

Depth: 14”inc ( 35cms)

Weight : 30 kg ( 66 Pounds)


  1. Buddha's Sitting material is super white makrana Marble.
  2. Buddha Sitting on a lotus Base in Padmasan holding a Flower Pattern Bowl with a smiling face in Dhyan mudra. Water flows from the Flower bowl through a Pump which is inserted inside the lotus Base.
  3. This Decorative Statue can be used as Interior Decoration Accessories / Table Decor Items or Outdoor Decoration.
  4. Buddha is hand carved from two pieces of white Marble.

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