Ganpati 15”

SKU Code: G Reg-15-10

Size: 15"
Sale priceRs. 15,000


Item code: G Reg-15-10

Height including Base: 15”Inc ( 38cms)

Width: 11”inc ( 27cms)

Depth: 7”Inc ( 17cms)

Weight: 9 kg ( 19 pounds)


  1. Ganpati material is Marble Powder.
  2. Ganpati decorated with Color, Rhinestone & gold foil.
  3. Ganpati seating in Relaxing Pose on Base with his right hand held up in the Abhaya mudra (sign OM on it), holding a Noose , an elephant goad & a hand filled with his favorite sweets laddus that his trunk is playfully to eat. Ganesh Vahana a Rat is beneath to idol. A beautiful turban with Morpankh on head.
  4. This Decorative Murti can be used as PoojaMandir Interior Decoration Accessories / Table Decor Items or Showcase Decoration.
  5. As per VASTU Methology Religious Spritual Idols Showpieces Placed in North East Direction of Drawing / Living & Pooja Room, brings Wealth, Health, Peace & Happiness Among The Home Members.
  6. Ganesh is hand carved from one piece of Marble Powder.

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