Ganpati 30”

SKU Code: GA-30-7

Size: 30"
Sale priceRs. 150,000


Item code: GA-30-7

Height including Base: 30”Inc (76cms)

Width: 24”inc ( 60cms)

Depth: 10” ( 25cms)

Weight: 115kg (253pounds)


  1. Ganpati material is White Makrana marble.
  2. Ganesh decorated with color & given some effect of Antique.
  3. Ganpati seated on lotus base wear a turban with a feather on it. This statue with four arms holding a Goad, Lotus, Modak & in Ashirwad Mudra. Ganesh's vehicle; a rat is on the base looking up to Ganesh in awe. Snake rounded on stomach.
  4. Ganesh is hand carved from one piece of white marble.

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