Ganpati 8”

SKU Code: GC-8-4

Size: 8"
Sale priceRs. 15,000


Item code: GC-8-4

Height including Base: 8”Inc (20cms)

Width: 5”inc ( 12cms)

Depth: 3”Inc( 7cms)

Weight: 2kg ( 4pounds)


  1. Ganpati material is White Makrana Marble.
  2. Ganesh decorated with color, given some effect of Antique&dusty.
  3. This statue with four arms holding a Goad, weapon, Ganesh is often depicted with a bowl of sweets in his hand too. This is a symbol of the sweetness of life and represents self-enjoyment.&the fourth hand of Lord Ganesha is usually empty and it is seen in an uplifted raised blessing position which is specifically called the “Abhaya Mudra”.  Ganesh's vehicle; a rat is on the base looking up to Ganesh in awe.
  4. Lord Ganesh is the second and young son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he is also known as “Pratham Pujya” because he is the first god to be worshipped. Lord Ganesh is also known as “Vighna Vinashak” i.e. he is the one who destroys all the evils, obstacles, and trouble from his devotee’s life. Lord Ganesh is the symbol of good fortune, wisdom, and prosperity.
  5. Ganesh is hand carved from one piece of white Marble.

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