Ganpati 12”

SKU Code: GB-12-13

Size: 12"
Sale priceRs. 25,000


Item code: GB-12-13

Height including Base: 12”Inc (30cms)

Width: 7”inc ( 17cms)

Depth: 4”inc ( 10cms)

Weight: 8 kg ( 17 pounds)


  1. Ganpati material is Rajasthan Black Marble.
  2. Ganesh is seated on a Singhasan (Throne) resting on a Bolster pillow with his right hand held up in the Abhaya mudra.  He holds a noose, an elephant goad & His trunk is playfully trying to grasp an Indian sweet, a laddu from his left hand. His vehicle, a rat, is seated at the base of his feet. 
  3. Lord Ganesh is the symbol of good fortune, wisdom, and prosperity.
  4. Ganesh is hand carved from one piece of Black marble.

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