Horse Head Statue 18”


Size: 18"
Sale priceRs. 50,000


Item code: - HORSE-4

Height: 18”Inc (45 Cms)

Width: 16”Inc (40 Cms)

Depth: 16”Inc (40 Cms)

Weight: 10 kg (22 pounds)

Specification: -

  1. Horse Head material is Pure Teak Wood ( Sagwan) & Laminated with original Silver Plate (weight of silver is 300 gm).
  2. Horse is smart, loyal, and Brave and has an air of nobility, elegance, and grace. This is a perfectly handmade skilled artisan. The artisan has shown their best creativity through this art piece. This is the underlying principle of Horses in Vastu and Feng Shui which make them a symbol of Power and thereby Success. A horse in motion can help you regain focus and direct you toward a path to success. This decorative item enhances the decor value of the House, Office, Hotel etc. Can be placed on a table, dining table decor, counter top, shelf, or the floor. A great gift for wedding, House Warming. A perfect decoration piece for Animal lovers.
  3. Horse is hand carved with single piece of wooden.

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