Marble Bird 17”

SKU Code: BOWL-19

Size: 17"
Sale priceRs. 5,000


Item code: - BOWL-19

Height: 4”Inc (10 cms)

Width: 17”Inc (43 cms)

Depth: 12”Inc (30 cms)

Weight: 7 kg (15 pounds)


  1. Marble Bird Bowl material is Rajasthan White Marble.
  2. Marble Bird Shape Bowl, Flower Floater, Uruli, Home decoration, decorative Marble Flower Bowl, Hand-carved Bowl. Shaped in a lovely flower. The intricacy of carving is incredible with all features clearly visible. It can be placed in Pooja room before the idols. It can also be placed right in the living room well complemented by other décor items and related interior design accessories or place in the balcony or entrance area to enhance peace of mind at home and office. It’s a charming item that could be a unique addition to your home, office, or special gift.
  3. Marble Bird Shape Bowl is hand-carved from one piece of white marble.

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