Marble Water Fountain 30”

SKU Code: Fountain-1

Size: 30"
Sale priceRs. 55,000


Item code: - Fountain-1

Height: 30” Inc (76 Cms)

Width: 30” Inc (76 Cms)

Depth: 30” Inc (76 Cms)

Weight: 97 kg (213 pounds)

Specification: -

  1. Fountain material is Italian Brown Marble & the Material of the Pond is Makrana Marble.
  2. The Fountain three plate is carved in Floral Design Pattern. Relaxation, Natural Humidifier, drowning out annoying Sound. Flowing water creates a soothing and calm mood around the House. Waterfall Fountain comes with a motor and is very easy to install. The water keeps circulating once filled and needs to be changed once if 10-15 days. The cleaning simply involves turning off the fountain, draining the water, wiping down the outside surface of the fountain and the inside tubing, motor and plumbing of the fountain. This is perfectly handmade skilled artisan. The artisan has shown their best creativity through this art piece. This Statue is perfect for Home decoration, Garden decor, or balcony decoration. Can be kept inside or outside of the Home and is Washable easily.
  3. Fountain is hand carved with in a parts marble.

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