Parvati maa 15”

SKU Code: SPP-15-1W

Size: 15"
Sale priceRs. 22,500


Item code: - SPP-15-1W

Height including Base: 15”Inc (38 cms)

Width: 9”inc ( 22cms)

Depth: 5” (12 cms)

Weight: 11 kg (24 pounds)


1. Parvati Maa material is super White Makrana Marble.

2. She is seated in padmasana on a Lotus, a symbol of purity & with Namaskar Mudra. While joining hand she is worshipping of God Shiva.

3. Lion is sitting near to her feet.

4. She is also known as Kamala or Kamalamika.

5. Parvati Mata is hand carved from one piece of white marble.

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