Radha Krishna Jugal Jodi 24"

SKU Code: RKJG 24-10

Size: 24"
Sale priceRs. 125,000


Item code: RKJG-24-10

Height including Base: 24” Inc (60cms)

Width: 19”inc ( 48cms)

Depth: 5”inc ( 12cms)

Weight: 31kg (68pounds)


    1. Radha Krishna Jodi material is Super White Makrana Marble.
    2. RadhaKrishna Jodi decorated with original gold foil,Rhinestone& color.
    3. Krishna is standing on one leg to other shown playing the flute while Radha is beside him with her hand on Krishna shoulder.A beautiful garland in neck of Krishna& necklace in radha.Peacock beneath toward Krishna.
    4. Radhakrishna relationship is considered the highest form of love;the divine loveRadha is an embodiment of the feeling of love towards the almighty Lord Krishna. As Krishna is believed to be the source of all manifestationsof God, "Radha, his consort, is the original source of alshaktis" or feminine manifestation of divine energy.It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even him .That’s why they known as Radhakrishn
    5. Radha Krishna jodi is hand carved from one piece of White marble.


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