Thikri Mirror inlay Work -5

SKU Code: Mirror-5

Size: 5"
Sale priceRs. 18,000


Item code: - Mirror-5

@1500 sq ft

Height: 5”Ft (60 Inc)

Width: 2”Ft (24 Inc)

Depth: 1”Ft (.08 Inc)

Weight: 22 kg (48 pounds)


  1. Thikri Glass Floral work on wooden Board which is ceiling with white cement, POP & White Putti. The Art of inlaying hand cut pieces of mirrors using diamond scalpes into perfect shapes & arranged into frescos on the ceiling & the walls to form mirrored mosaic patterns is known as thikri or Mirror inlay or Glass Mosaic. The Thikri work makes for beautifying the walls, ceiling, niches of a house, and even panels, tiles, and furniture. Intricate Glass detailing. It makes a place attractive and eye-catching spot in your area.

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