Tortoise 9”

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Size: 9"
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Item code: - SPT-9-1 B

Height including Base: 3”Inc (7cms)

Width: 9”inc ( 25cms)

Depth: 7” (17cms)

Weight: 4 kg (8 pounds)


  1. Tortoise/kachua material is Rajasthan Black Marble.
  2. Tortoise -Lord Shiva is always known for awakening inner consciousness through meditation and harness energy using Yoga and meditation, there is a yoga posture known as "Kurmasana” or the Tortoise Pose.
  3. Kurma raja means 'king of tortoises or turtles the turtle is considered to be a Kurmaavatara (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. It possesses Sattvaguna (Sattvic qualities, pure qualities) meaning thereby capable to acquire divine knowledge. The Lord Vishnu blessed it to gain the place opposite the idol in The Presence of Kachua is when God Shiva Family is there (Paravati, Ganpati, Kartikay  & Nandi for Shiva Pooja)
  4. Tortoise installed in front of the idol of the Deity.
  5. Tortoise is hand carved from one piece of Black Marble.

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