Udaipur is among the most beautiful cities in the world, it has a population of about 6 lakhs   but hosts twice the number of tourists a year. A city with breathtaking beauty and a vivid culture, also is a hub for marble trade and businesses in the country. The state of Rajasthan accounts for 90% of all the marble being produced in india. Marble items from Udaipur make for the best souvenir to take with you across the world.  

Not too far from Sukher, the centre for all marble in Udaipur is Gaj Arts. At Gaj Arts, we Acknowledge and deliver to you the best of Rajasthani culture and architecture in the form of a marble memento that you can have as a keepsake forever.   

Our line products can begin from sculptures as small as 3 to 4 inches to as big as 50 inches. We provide you with the most detailed pieces of art, from Ganpati to Shiva and Krishna Jodi.

We also deal with handicrafts such as bowls and pots, tulsi stands, mirrors and a lot more.

Our most popular items are our Marble temples for one’s home, mini temples as one would call them, a place for worship at home and a place for our gods to provide us with a much needed peace of mind in this day and age.

Small and big sculptures to place at the place of your worship at your home or at your office. The sense of belongingness and the belief in one’s deity, a mere marble statue can do a lot for someone who believes. Marble stick around longer and to be in such a close proximity to a small piece of the city like Udaipur as a memorabilia does get one delighted. 

Another of our very in demand product is our Tulsi stands. Tulsi stands are usually on the outside, either on our veranda or on our patio, so sand made tulsi stands or even cemented one’s wouldn't last long. A Tulsi is very important to any household and is even considered a family member, thus providing it with the best possible, sturdy and architecturally significant stand should be our first priority. At Gaj Arts we understand this dilemma of yours and provide you with the most beautiful and long lasting tulsi stands. Which has the entrance of one’s home looking elegant and graceful. 

Marble bowl also plays a important role. A simple marble bowl for your daily prayers, it’s sweet smell, the texture and feel of it’s touch provides us with a tranquil experience at least two times a day. Quite sturdy in structure and it’s density gives any of our bowls long lives. They come is all shapes, sizes, and depths, we can assure you, you’ll find just what you’re looking for, or even better at Gaj Arts. We also supplies Marble Bowl in Mumbai and all over the world.

We have all sorts of other products that include Buddhas of all shapes and sizes, animals such as cows and calves, elephants and a lot more. If one has a particular thing in mind, at Gaj Arts we also customise to the closest to your requirements, that include sculptures and stands, temples and statues. 

At Gaj Arts we believe in more than just sight, we believe in feel, grace, sophistication and elegance. Gaj Arts is where the statues speak.

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