Inlay is simply the art of hollowing up spaces in the base material and filling it up with different material in desired designs and colors. The art dates back to the mid 12th century China, where it was first discovered. Initially it was wood carving and various designs that were engraved in the base piece of wood. After years the art evolved to various other materials across the spectrum which include mirror, metal and stone.

At Gaj Arts we provide the best of Inlay art in Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra and in the country. Our delivery is open to every major location across the nation. The old artform that also has its roots in Rajasthan is quite popular among a huge number of homeowners and interior developers. Our vast variety of inlay products are very well suited for any particular space and would be a perfect addition to any room it's being put in.  

Wooden inlay art is a beautiful engravings on a wooden base and using colorful stones and pebbles to fill in it. Once metal was discovered it also was tried as a base for the art. There was a pretty major flaw with using metal bases for art and that was during a rise in temperature it expands and could ruin the floral patterns embedded over it. 

Stone inlay art as the name suggests substitutes metal with stone. The most common material to use as a base for the Inlay around the world is Marble. Marble has various properties of which one is that it’s easily cut or shaped. It has finer grains compared to any other type of stone and is used in various artistic purposes. One of the Greatest artisans of all time, Michelangelo used white marble from Italy for his world famous sculpture, David. Pretty much every artisan around the world recognizes the significant qualities of marble over other stones on which to carve. 

The base for most of our inlay items is White Makrana marble. Marble is heat resistant and it doesn’t expand during high temperatures. White lets every other color highlight through its light background and thus make for a perfect substructure in any piece of art. Over the White Makrana marble after the engravings are done we add in various gemstones and semi precious material. These stones have a shine of their own and are found in nature in the form of veins and are available in compact sizes which are ideal to be filled within the depressions of the stone. 

Another type of marble we use is Kadappa Black marble. Black after white is one of the best backgrounds to be used in artistic activities. Black as a frame lets the artisan have flexibility of choosing light toned pellets of gemstones and experiment with various designs that white did not allow. Kadappa black marble has this very matt lookl to it due to which there is almost no luster to the base of the item thus highlighting the various different qualities such as color and shine of the gemstones embedded. 

At Gaj Arts we hire very skilled artisans who possess the practicalities of the process of making these Inlay items. The proceedings to manufacture anything out of inlay involves cutting the compact gemstones delicately so that it fits presiciously into the grooves. The width of the groove or the depression needs to remain intact because even a little inaccuracy in its precision of a work and the whole piece of stone is rendered pointless. And at Gaj Arts only we serve to you the most exquisite of products made with utmost precision.

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