A statue of Buddha portrays peace and calm. Its expressions need to be intact and portray exactly what we imagine Buddha to look like. The Statue of Buddha is more than just a piece of art to admire, it is a feeling in itself. A feeling you can touch. The exterior of the sculpture no matter how big or small it might be needs to be precise, And with Marble as the raw material, it becomes a hundred times easier to carve up an exceptional piece that’ll not just look good but feel great to the touch. Usually, a Buddha Statue includes the original structure of the Body of Buddha and the base over which it is placed. Sitting buddha and the face of the buddha with his eyes closed are two really popular versions of the Marble Buddha Statue. It is produced using no other color other than Black and white because both these colors have their own significance. White in Buddhism is said to be the color of purity and gives out calm and Buddha made out of Black marble is believed to attract positive energy. Choosing what color to go for, for your interior is debatable but the variety of shapes and sizes ideal for your space at Gaj arts makes your shopping experience worthwhile. We provide you with a flawless version of buddha himself to be close to. We’re the most prominent exporters of the Marble Buddha Statue in Mumbai and across the state of Maharashtra.

These statues range from the tiniest of statues that’d fit in one’s arm to the humongous ones that are big enough to tire four people. The smallest one that is available with us is 8 inches and the biggest one is 60inches. The size can vary to fit according to the space it is being placed in. Even the tiniest of figures can do a lot for a dull little space. For example, in a large hall, the biggest statue is worthwhile and for smaller spaces, you’d go for the smaller ones. They don’t come in a wide variety of colors, it's either white or black. It’s no surprise, that purple Buddha stautues aren’t available, because both black and white have a proper significance when it comes to Buddhism and spirituality.


The figure of Buddha is made up of Marble. But why marble? We use marble because of its various good properties. One of the biggest reasons is that it is the best possible material to carve and cut. To portray real emotions and chop it down and make it a piece of art easier compared to other naturally occurring stones. This is so because of its smaller grains. It’s flexible and can fit into anything. Carving a piece of marble is easier and it helps highlight its facial features. It is resistant to wear and tear and protects the statue from a lot of various extreme situations. 

Let’s say you have a little garden within which you’ve plates a couple of small trees and bushes. A white Buddha statue is a perfect add-on to this space ad white complements green and the features on the statue bring about a presence of good energy and a sense of calm. Also in the hall, apart from being a great piece of attention, it calls for better thoughts and pushes out bad ones. There are various other locations in the house that make for the perfect spot for a Marble Buddha Statue and at Gaj Arts we can help you decide the best possible one for you.

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