What does it mean by an inlay? It is an art to put in materials of various shapes and colors on the surface of another material. Usually, the art involves a naturally occurring stone as the canvas over which pieces of other stones are embedded. At Gaj Arts we are more likely to use Black and White Rajasthani marble as a background. Both Black and white are pretty good highlighters for whatever is placed over its surface. Over the surface of the marble, we place colorful semiprecious stones with sheer intricacy and delicacy. The shades of the stones used during the procedure can be varied according to the color of the background. On a darker background such as black, lighter colors are laid down and much darker colors are used in the procedure when the background is white. Inlay Art in Udaipur dates back to the time of the Maharajas who loved inlay items and placed them across their palaces. The city of lakes is among the most popular tourist destinations, not only in India but also around the globe. An inlay is not something that is practiced only in Udaipur but is one of the most prominent art forms of the region and works best as memorabilia or a memento. At Gaj Arts we provide you with a memory that would last an entire lifetime and remain always close to you. 

We’ve established that Inlay is one material on the surface of another but what exactly are these made into? Most common are tabletops. A Table Top is always the centerpiece, in the drawing-room, the living room can be placed in a hall, in an entrance, and in various other places. Black and white are two very basic colors and they go well with their respective group of shades. 

The size of the Inlay Tabletop can also vary according to the size and shape of the space it is being put in. A table that is being put out on the veranda needs to be bigger. At the same time if it is a centerpiece in a living room the smallest would suffice. At Gaj arts we have in stock tabletops ranging from diameter 22inches to the diameter of 48inches. Most of our items are circular but longer and rectangular Inlay tops are available and are also customized. 

When we talk about the stone itself, we talk about its beauty and its looks. We tend to think durability is also a very viable reason for a new purchase but the matter of durability never occurs to us while we’re on our shopping spree. What if we tell you we can provide you with a product that not only is beautiful butt also durable. Our Inlay Tabletops are made out of marble and marble as a material is quite easy to carve, letting us make the best possible fit for your space. Marble is also water and scratch-resistant so it easily tolerates minute hits and bruises. Water and other spills on the surface if the Inlaytop won’t have much effect on its looks and tends to go on unbothered for as long as it physically could. Marble Tabletops can also be placed in or near smaller temples that we have in our homes, as it is resistant to fire and no aftereffects are left after the encounter with them. 

Gaj Arts is a perfect destination for people wanting to brighten up their spaces with an art form such as Inlay. Our Inlay Items are a great add-on to your place of residence and fill it up with tradition and grandeur. 

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