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Although Ganesha is revered as the God of pleasure, happiness, and success, we frequently overlook the significance of putting it in the proper location at home. Since the Ganpati Murti is regarded as the guardian, we always honor him before beginning a new endeavor in our lives. In order to shield the occupants of the home from evil spirits, Ganesha graphics and idols are frequently kept close to the main door. He is often referred to as the home's shield.

Forms of Ganesha

  • Ganesha the Bala (child-like form)
  • Ganapati Taru (youthful form)
  • Hindu Ganesha (devotee form)
  • Ganapati Veera (valiant Ganpati)
  • Ganapati Shakti (the powerful form)
  • Ganapati Dvija (Ganpati who is born twice)
  • Indra Ganapati (the accomplished form of Ganesha)
  • Lord of Blessed Offerings Ucchisha Gaapati Vighna Ganapati (lord of obstacles)
  • Ganapati Kshipra (Ganesha who is easy to appease)
  • Heramba Ganapati (the adored son of the mother)
  • Lakshmi Ganapati (the Fortunate one, similar to Goddess Lakshmi)
  • Ganesha, Maha (the great Ganapati)
  • Vijaya Ganapati (the victorious one)
  • Nitya Gaapati (the dancer form)
  • Indra Gaapati (the elevated form of Ganapati)
  • Apati Ekakshara (the single syllable form)
  • Varada Gaapati, or Vara (the boon giver)
  • Apati Tryakshara (the three letters form)
  • Apati Kshipra Prasada (the one who gives quick rewards)
  • Indra Gaapati (the kumkuma coloured Ganapati)
  • Gaapati Ekadanta (the single tusked form of Ganapati)
  • Indra Ganapati (the creator form)
  • Uddaa Ganapati, who upholds dharma and justice
  • Apati Riamochana (the liberator from debts)
  • Greetings, Gaapati (the sought after one)
  • Gaapati Dvimukha (a form with two heads)
  • Gaapati Trimukha (three faced form of Ganpati)
  • Indra Gaapati (the fearless lion form)
  • Yoga Ganapati (the ascetic position or a yoga practitioner)
  • Durga Ganesh (the invincible one, similar to Goddess Durga)
  • Ganapati Sakaahara (the dispeller of troubles)

Meaning of the Ganesh Murti

A Ganesh figure or image is believed to bring luck and wealth to the home. Lord Ganesha statues made by The Gaj Arts are of high marble quality, are entirely hand carved, have a superior mirror finish, and are gold-plated. By just making a phone call or receiving an email confirmation, our customers can order and Buy online Ganesh murti Udaipur. A Ganesh statue represents the perfect life and instills virtues like:

  • Big thoughts, big mind
  • large ears to hear adequately.
  • small eyes to concentrate
  • less on talking, smaller mouth.
  • One tusk will only contain the good. Lord Ganesha's tusk is shattered. The broken tusk is a symbol of knowledge as exists outside of dualism. The one tooth also stands for a single point of attention.
  • a long trunk, to be flexible.
  • stomach size for both good and bad digestive processes.
  • Lord Ganesha's quadruple arms represent the mental, intellectual, egoistic, and moral aspects of human nature.
  • One leg lifted above the other in a Ganesh murti design represents the need to be involved in both the human and divine worlds.
  • Since most people revere Lord Ganesha, they frequently acquire his statues or idols as gifts or collections.


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