Ganesh, also known as Shri Ganapati, becomes one of the well-known Hindu gods. Regardless of their Hindu faith, he is venerated and honored. So much so that his awe has extended to Buddhism and Jains alike. It's difficult to dislike him as the patron of the arts and sciences, the remover of hurdles, the custodian of wisdom, and the ruler of beginnings! Because of these characteristics, Ganesha may be seen in almost every Hindu shrine, therefore here are the most crucial points to note when installing your Ganapati murti.

Where to place the Murti in home

Most people are unaware that there are precise locations where the Ganapati Murti can be placed to boost the vibes of joy and success. It is best to place the Murti at the home's northeast corner. If additional murtis are present, Ganesh should be positioned to the right of these murtis whether he is not to be in the middle of the mandir. This location, according to Vastu Shastra (old Vedic architecture), facilitates in the movement of kundalini in the temple. It is also very usual to have a tiny portrait or idol of Ganesh near to or over the gateway of the home and|or puja room, as it is thought to bless those who come and go.

The posture of the Murti

Ganesha murtis come in a variety of postures, each emitting a unique vibration for a specific purpose. The reclining or meditating position is the most prevalent. This is known as lalitasana. Rather than folding both legs, he will sometimes place one on the floor whereas the other rests on his vahana (his mouse). This shows that he is interested in worldly matters and is here to help his followers and remove the barriers, while his meditative stance with both legs folded generates an environment of serenity and determination. His moving or resting posture is ideal for people looking for a creative, energetic, and artistic environment. His sitting positions are ideal for the house, whereas his upright postures are ideal for the workplace.

Position of the Trunk

Ganesh murti trunk twisted to the left and hanging in the center This is an important feature of Ganesh murtis which is frequently disregarded but shouldn't be! Be extremely picky when selecting a Ganapati murti. The trunk is perhaps the most essential feature of this murti. Vamamukhi, Dakshinmukhi murti, and Shushumna are the three main styles. Vamamukhi trunks are the quickest to delight and are connected with serenity, success, and pleasure. They are also known as Vastu Ganesh since he is adept at resolving Vastu-related concerns. Dakshinmukhi murti trunks, on the other hand, hang to the right. It is thought that the sun's vitality runs through the trunk of this murti, and as a result, possessing one is not advised because they require specific care according to Vedic tradition. 

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